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Trishanku was a king of the solar dynasty, the ruler of the Kingdom of Ayodhya. He was a braver warrior and a
learned man. Since he had lived a righteous life, Trishanku’s soul deserved ascension to the heavens, but he wished
to do so with his mortal body and requested his Guru Vasishta to perform the needful rites to achieve this goal.
Vasishta refused to perform the rituals and advised the former king that his wish is against the laws of nature and
a mortal being may not enter the heavens with his physical body. Trishanku was adamant and upon this refusal,
approached Vasishta’s eldest son Shakti to help him, attempting to lure the young sage with promises of wealth and
fame. Trishanku ‘s attempt to position Shakti as his father’s rival for a task previously refused by the sage,
angered the son of Vasishta and he cursed Trishanku .

Immediately, the handsome form of the King was transformed into that of an ugly old man. His royal robes of white
silk were turned into black rags of the cremator. Rueing his fate, the King returned to his kingdom. However, when
his ministers and subjects beheld him, they chased him away from the kingdom, deeming him unfit not just to rule
them, but to even reside in their kingdom.

Trishanku wandered far and wide and suffered many trials. Throughout, he never wavered from his desire to ascend to
heaven in his own body.At last, he came upon the hermitage of sage Vishwamitra. Now, he knew that this sage was a
sworn enemy of Vasishta, and was also jealous of Vasishta’s fame. He approached the sage and prostrated himself at
his feet.Vishwamitra promised to fulfil his wish. Vishwamitra made all the arrangements to complete some rituals and told

Trishanku to get ready to go to the Swargam.He chanted mantras and made offerings to gods. But the gods did not
want anyone to break a law and enter heaven alive; they did not accept the offerings. Vishwamitra was furious and
said , “I will send you to heaven by my own powers.As he said this, Trishanku began to rise and reached the gates
of heaven.

Ashttadigpaalakas (that is Indra and other 7 demi-gods) came to know about Trishanku coming to the heaven . Thus
Indra Deva with his shakti made Trishanku to fall from the gates of heaven to back to earth . Maharshi
Vishwamitra made Trishanku to not to fall back on to the earth . Thus Trishanku was neither able to go to the
Heaven nor he was able to come back to the earth

Trishanku hung between heaven and earth. Then Vishwamitra said, ” I will create another heaven for Trishanku .” He
created the buffallos for milk , fox instaed of dogs , Cheatha and Crocodile and as he was going to create another
Indra . Devas then appeared before the sage and tried to console him and withdraw him from his act. They explained
to Vishwamithra that they only wished to prevent the unnatural act of someone entering heaven with his mortal body.
Vishwamitra was gradually convinced but now he faced the dilemma of having to break his own word that he gave to
Trishanku about sending him to heaven.The Devas said, “So be it! The stars and constellations created by you shall
exist for all eternity. The King shall reside in your heaven, to be called Trishanku’s heaven from now on. But
since Indra’s edict should not be contravened, he shall remain upside down there.” Vishwamitra reached a
compromise with the Devas to let the King inhabit the new heaven that was created for him. The new heaven shall be
called Trishanku’s heaven and the king shall reside in this heaven from now on. He shall not supersede the command
of Indra by ruling his own heaven,